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In flights of Motor Sich Airlines transportation of pets/birds is subject to prior agreement with the carrier. You should inform the airline or its authorised agent about transportation of animal/bird when booking or purchasing a passenger ticket.
Transportation of animals/birds (except for guide dogs accompanying blind/deaf passengers) is only allowed in special containers/cages of sufficient size with a strong lock and waterproof bottom, covered with an absorbent material. Construction of the container should be durable and provide sufficient access of air. Bird cages must be covered with thick black cloth.
Animal/bird may be carried in the passenger cabin, if the actual weight of animal/bird with the container does not exceed 7 kg, size of the container in the sum of three dimensions does not exceed 115 cm, and the height of the container is not more than 20cm. Larger animals/birds are transported in the cargo compartment of the aircraft.
In one container you may carry not more than three animals of the same litter that are not older than 6 months, or a maximum of two adult animals, if the weight of each does not exceed 14 kg and they live together amicably. Animal weighing more than 14 kg shall be carried in a separate container. Only one container with animals/birds, with the maximum weight up to 30 kg., is admitted in one flight of Motor Sich Airlines.
Free baggage allowance does not apply to transportation of animals/birds. Transportation of animals/birds (except for guide dogs accompanying blind/deaf passengers) shall be paid according to the fare applied to excess baggage, based on the actual weight of animal/bird with container/cage.
Guide dogs(relevant training shall be confirmed by certificate) that accompany blind/deaf passengers are transported free of charge in the cabin without the container. In this case a dog must be muzzled, and have a collar and leash.
When transporting animals/birds you need to have and submit during check-in the valid documents (certificates) of health of animal/bird, issued by the competent authorities in the field of veterinary medicine, as well as other documents required by countries of flight or transit in international flights (we recommend you to contact the consulate of the country that is your point of entry, exit or transit for detailed information of the rules for transportation of animals/birds). Motor Sich Airlines is not responsible for the lack and/or incorrect issuance of your documents necessary for transportation of animal/bird, resulting in denial animal/bird transportation or transportation across the border in international flight.
Passenger travelling with animal is solely responsible for the behaviour of his pet during the flight and shall be obliged to reimburse all damages and additional expenses in the event of damage to the aircraft, baggage, health and/or life of other passengers caused by animal/bird.