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Antonov AN-74TK-200

: Research and Design Bureau named after Antonov
Country: Ukraine
First flight: 1994
Type: Medium-range mixed cargo aircraft


The light transport convertible aircraft An-74TK-100 - development of the certified transport aircraft An-74 for Arctic and Antarctica, is intended for transportation of passengers, cargo and technical equipment on lines of small and average extent.

An-74TK-100 aircraft passed the airworthiness standards of the civil aircrafts, extended to the basic aircraft An-74. In the aircraft design there are used widely the new constructional materials and technological processes that has provided high weight coefficient of the aircraft.

The aircraft is executed according to the high wing scheme with two fan engines
-36 ser. 3A takeoff power on 6500 kgfs. (63.7 kN), installed over the wing, and T-tail.

Installation of engines over the wing upper surface with big carrying out forward practically excludes the hit in engines the foreign subjects from the flight strip surface at take off and landing, increases the wing lift thanks to air-flowing its upper surface and internal flaps by streams of engines and reduces the noise level on the district owing to wing screening of engines' blasts.

The cabin crew provides the good review and possibility of piloting in the conditions of airfields' limited sizes with take off and landing on arching trajectories. Placement of instruments and controls in the crew cabin is optimized and fulfilled at instrument stands at all almost possible flight situations.

The aircraft crew consists of four people of the aircrew: captain, co-pilot, navigator, flight engineer. If necessary - one person of the operation personnel - steward in passenger configuration or operator on the transport equipment in cargo configuration.

In the fuselage bow there is the crew cabin, in other part there are the household compartment and the passenger (transport) cabin.

The transport cabin has the dimensions optimized by the sizes of the main stream of transported freights, and allows to transport freights in containers and bunched on rigid pallets, non-standard (bales, barrels, etc.) freights, and also nonself-propelled and self-propelled wheel equipment.

The loading opening is closed by ramp which can be lowered on the earth and use as airstairs, or to shift forward under the fuselage that provides the convenience of aircraft loading directly from the car body.

Re-equipment of the aircraft transport cabin under the provided application variants is made by forces of the operator in the minimum time.

There is applied on the aircraft the complex of the transport equipment which includes: upper onboard cargo-loading device with loading capacity up to 2500 kg (24,5 kN), the rope cargo-loading device for rolling by pushback tug the not self-propelled wheel equipment, the mooring equipment.

Loading and unloading of freights in containers and packetized on pallets can be made from the ramp extension by means of the upper onboard cargo-loading device.

By means of the upper onboard cargo-loading device also it is made loading and unloading of non-standard freights of weighing up to 2500 kg (24,5 kN). Loading and unloading of self-propelled equipment is made under the own steam, and not self-propelled wheel equipment - by means of the pushback tug and the cable assembly.

The big thrust/weight ratio, existence on the aircraft the auxiliary power unit (APU) for on-board starting of engines and onboard mechanic means of loading-unloading operations, the high engines' location and landing gear design with tires of low pressure are provide the self-sufficient aircraft operation as from surfaced airfields (artificial runway), and from unpaved, beachy, ice and snow-covered (ice flight strip) airfields with pavement strength of flight strip 7,5 kgfs/sm2 (736 kPas) and above.

Modern radio coherent and flight control equipment installed on the aircraft provides aircraft flights in all geographical areas, over earth and water surfaces, in simple and difficult weather conditions, day and night with high accuracy of the automatic aircraft navigation on the route and landing at the meteorological minima corresponding to 1 category IKAO (60
х800 m).

An-74TK-100 aircraft is easy-to-work, accustoms by the flight and technical staff without difficulties.


Aircraft performance characteristics:


Modification An-74TK-100

Wing span, m 31.89

Aircraft length, m 28.07

Aircraft height, m 8.65

Wing size, sq.m 98.62

Weight, kg

empty aircraft 20140

maximum take-off 36500

fuel 13210

Engine type 2 D-36 series 3A

Draft, kgf 2 x 6500

Maximum speed, km/h 700

Сourse speed, km/h 550-650

Ferry range, km 3500

Operational range, km

with maximum loading 950

with 52 passengers 2750

Service ceiling, m 10100

Crew, person 4+1

Useful load: to 10000 kg cargo or 52 passengers

or 12 passengers and 6000 kg cargo

or 20 passengers and to 4500 kg cargo