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In flights of Motor Sich Airlines as well as in flights of airlines-partners the passenger’s baggage shall be carried in accordance with the rules and within the limits established by the Carrier.
Free baggage allowance
In flights of Motor Sich Airlines the following free baggage allowance is established:
for economy class passengers (other than infants carried without a separate seat) in its own domestic and international flights – 20 kg (including hand baggage) without limiting the quantity of baggage pieces, each of which in the sum of three dimensions (length/width/height) may not exceed 158 cm;
for economy class passengers (other than infants carried without a separate seat)  in domestic and international flights operated by airlines-partners – 20 kg (including hand baggage). Quantity of baggage pieces, each of which in the sum of three dimensions (length/width/height) may not exceed 158 cm, may be limited by airline-partner, that shall be indicated on the ticket;
for infants carried without a separate seat in domestic and international flights – 1 piece with the weight of 10 kg and dimensions not exceeding in sum of three dimensions (length/width/height) 115 cm.
Baggage of passengers travelling as a group may be transported at will of passengers in the sum of free baggage allowances. Free baggage allowance for groups may be applied when transporting baggage of members of the same family.
Free baggage allowance does not apply to:
•          transportation of animals/birds (except for guide dogs accompanying blind/deaf passengers);
•          sports equipment and inventory.
A passenger is allowed to take the following things to the cabin of the plane in excess of free baggage allowance andwithout extra charge:
• handbag/briefcase;
• folder for documents;
• bouquet of flowers;
• umbrella;
• stick;
• jacket/coat/cape;
• print media to read during the flight;
• mobile phone;
• snapshot camera;
• camera;
• notebook;
• when travelling with children – infant food for a child during the flight, baby cradle (for infant up to 1 year), stick-type baby stroller, infant car seat (for infant travelling in a separate seat in the plane);
• medicines needed during the flight;
• wheelchair, crutches, stretchers for passengers with reduced mobility.
A guide dog accompanying blind/deaf passengers may be carried in a plane in excess of free baggage allowance.
Excess baggage
Transportation of baggage in excess of free baggage allowance established by the carrier shall be paid by the passenger according to the fares of airline operating the flight, valid on the date of flight indicated on the ticket.
Fees for excess baggage of Motor Sich Airlines
International flights 6
Domestic flights 1
Attention!Weigh of each baggage piece (including excess baggage) must not exceed
23 kg; the sum of three dimensions (length/width/height) of each baggage piece must not exceed 158cm.
It is possible to pay for excess baggage at the airport before check-in or in advance when buying a ticket.
If the actual weight of excess baggage provided by passenger for transportation is less than the paid one, difference in payment is returned to passenger, if the actual weight of baggage provided for transportation exceeds the paid one the passenger shall pay an extra fee.
Motor Sich Airlines is entitled to deny transportation of excess baggage in the event of failure to pay/partial payment for such transportation by the passenger.
In case of overload of the aircraft or lack of available tonnage the carrier is entitled to transport baggage in the following flight or flight of other carrier after notifying the passenger.
Requirements to baggage package
Each baggage piece must have a proper packaging providing for safety of baggage during loading/unloading/transportation and preventing injury to other passengers, crew, third parties, aircraft, baggage of other passengers and other property, as well as preventing accidental/free access to content of baggage by third parties.
Baggage that does not meet these requirements will not be accepted.
Serviceability and reliability of baggage packaging is determined by the carrier. The airline has the right to require from the passenger to pack/repack baggage additionally.
Restrictions on the content of passenger’ baggage
The following is not accepted for transportation in the aircraft:
•          goods, objects, liquids and other substances that can harm the health of the passengers, that threaten the safety of flights and property of the carrier: explosives, compressed gases, corrosive materials, oxidizing, radioactive materials, magnets, inflammable materials, poisonous, harmful or irritant agents, as well as other items and substances prohibited for transportation in passenger aircrafts;
•          goods and documents, transportation of which is prohibited by applicable law of the state from the territory/to the territory/through the territory of which the transportation is carried out;
•          goods and substances unsuitable for transportation due to quality, shape, size, weight, smell.
The following things should not be registered:
• money, keys, jewellery;
• rare and valuable items and works of art;
• musical instruments;
• electronic equipment, optical instruments, photo and video equipment;
• fragile items;
• articles of precious metals and silver;
• technical documentation;
• business documents;
• securities;
• medications and medical documentation;
• passports and other identity documents and samples.
Animals and birds shall be transported in accordance with the Rules for transportations of animals and birds
Hand baggage
In domestic and international flights passengers of Motor Sich Airlines are allowed to carry 1 baggage piece not exceeding 5 kg and with dimensions not exceeding in the sum of three dimensions (length/width/height) 115 cm as a hand baggage, provided that such baggage does not contain items and substances prohibited for transportation in the passenger cabin of the aircraft.
Attention! Hand baggage must not contain piercing and cutting objects (knives, scissors, pins, needles, etc.).
Attention! Containers with liquids, gels, suspensions, creams, pastes with a volume of 100 ml each may not be carried in a hand baggage. The total amount of these substances in hand baggage must not exceed 1 litre. Containers with these substances must be placed in one transparent plastic bag.
Hand baggage (unlike baggage that was registered and transferred to the airline for baggage transportation) shall be transported under the supervision and responsibility of a passenger.