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Booking & changes

Flight Booking and Purchase
Motor Sich Airlines scheduled flight booking is available on the company’s website, contact centre and sales agent offices.
Online flight booking and air ticket purchase on company’s website is available to all passenger categories except:
•          passengers requiring special assistance;
•          unaccompanied minors;
•          passengers transporting pets.
Tickets for passengers transporting their pets can be pre-booked on the company’s website, in which case on the Payment Options page, select "Pay with Cash" as your payment option and then contact company’s contact centre before the specified time. Our contact centre specialists will change your reservation and advise the most convenient way to pay for your flight and transportation of your pet, if such transportation was confirmed by the airline company.
NO flight booking in advance for “unaccompanied minors” is available on our website. To buy plane ticket for an unaccompanied minor, please, contact Company’s Contact Centre.
If you know your baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance, we recommend booking your ticket through the Contact Centre.
Please, note!
If you (or your representative) fail to pay for your flight within the due time established by the carrier (or its agent) your flight reservation will be cancelled without prior notice.
If you fail to arrive for your pre-booked flight and failed to reschedule it by giving a prior to the carrier, the latter may have a right to cancel the reservation for the following segments of the route or the return flight.
When booking your flight a passenger must provide the company or its agent with reliable information regarding phone number, address and other possible communication methods so thattimely notifications can be informed to the passenger.  In case of absence of proper communication methods with the passenger, the responsibility for the consequences of delayed notifications and informing of changes in transportations rests with the passenger.
Ticket amendment
Reservation made online can be changed by the Company Contact Centre specialists. If you wish to make changes to your ticket, please contact the Company Contact Centre by phone or use “Call the airline” service.
For faster service, please provide the Contact Centre specialist with the following information:
• passenger(s) full name(s);
• ticket number(s), if tickets are already paid for;
• reservation code(s), if tickets were not paid for yet;
• flight number of the booking;
• flight dates.
In accordance with the applicable fare rules an amendment fee may be charged. If after having amended your ticket you inform the Contact Centre specialist your payment card number, the amendment will be made immediately and new itinerary receipts will be sent to you. If you cannot provide the Contact Centre specialist with your payment card number, you should personally visit the Airline Sales Office or the authorised agent to pay amendment fee within the times specified by the Contact Centre specialist.