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Conditions of the contract for carriage of passenger and baggage and other important notes

The passenger must arrive to the check-in counter not later than two hours before the departure of the aircraft. Check-in of passengers and check-in of luggage on flights ends no earlier than 30 minutes before the schedule departure time for domestic flights and not earlier than 40 minutes before the schedule departure time for international flights.
Up to the peculiarities of airports, type of carriage (schedule, charter, international of domestic), check-in closing time may different, but not earlier than 40 minuts up to the the schedule departure time.
More detailed information you can get at the representation of the airline or on the website. The boarding of passengers to plane ends not earlier than 10 minutes before the schedule departure time of the flight. In case of violation by the passenger of check-in or boarding time, he may be denied transportation.

In the framework established by the current legislation of Ukraine and the country of destination, the person who carries out sales of transportations (carrier, travel agent) is obliged to adhere to the confidentiality of the passenger's personal data. At the same time, the passenger authorizes the carrier to keep personal information and provide to the state authorities, oun staff, handling agents, airline - partnes, providers of additional services for booking, reissue or provision of additional services, the baggage tracing system, the fraud warning/identification system, to provision of information assistance about entering/leaving from/to countries on the route of carriage.
The passenger is responsible for obtaining all the necessary documents for travel: visas, permits, certificates, etc., as well as for the implementation of all applicable laws regarding the departure, entry from/to the countries of origin, destination and transit. The carrier shall not be liable to the passenger for the consequences of the fact that the passenger has not received such documents or visas or has not complied with the requirements of the applicable law.
At the request of the carrier, the passenger must present to the authorized persons of the carrier and representatives of the relevant state authorities all documents permiting of the departure, entry, transit; health documents; other documents required by applicable laws. The passenger must allow the carrier to make and keep copies of such documents or otherwise leave the data contained in the relevant documents. The carrier has the right to deny transportation to a passenger who has not complied with applicable laws or whose documents are not duly drawn up.
The carrier is not responsible for denying of the passenger the right to enter the country of destination or transit.

The carrier has the right to require the passenger to confirm the return flight. Flights that require confirmation of return flight are set by the carrier and published on the site. The passenger must be informed about the need to confirm a return flight during purchase of the ticket.
Confirmation of the return flight is not required in case the time before the departure of the return flight does not exceed 72 hours or the reservation is made less than 72 hours before the scheduled departure time of return flight.
If a passenger has several flight segments, then confirmation is made for each segment.
Failure by the passenger to comply with the carrier's requirements for re-confirming the reservation will entitle the carrier to cancel an unconfirmed reservation no earlier than 72 hours before the departure of the flight on schedule.

1. The terms used in the actual contract mean: the tichet (Passenger ticket and baggage check) - document issued by the carrier (its agent), including electronic document, confirming the conclusion of the contract of carriage, wich contains the conditions of the contract, flight and passenger coupons, aditional information; aviation carrier (air carrier, carrier) is a business entity that provides services for transportation of passengers, cargo, mail by air;
electronic ticket - an electronic document that includes a itinerary receipt issued by an air carrier or on behalf of an air carrier, electronic coupons and, in case of use is a document for boarding;

international transportation - any transportation where the place of origin and destination, regardless of whether there is a stopover in transportation or overloaded, are located either in the territory of two states or in the territory of the same state, if the agreed stopover is envisaged in the territory of another state; internal transportation - transportation of passengers and / or baggage on aircraft between points that are located on the territory of Ukraine.

2. The Passenger ticket and baggage check is a confirmation of the conclusion of the contract of carriage and reflect the conditions of carriage. Absence, incorrectness in execution, loss of a ticket and baggage check does not affect the validity of the contract of carriage. The carrier undertakes of the transportation the passenger and with him the established norm of free baggage transportation to the destination point, providing him with a place and the ordered class of service on the aircraft performing the flight specified in the ticket. The passenger is obligated to pay for the transportation and customized services the tariff set by the carrier, airport taxes and fees, and in the case of carriage of excess baggage - tariff for the carriage of this baggage.
The cases of ticket recognition as invalid are specified in clause 4, chapter 1, section IV of the Rules for the carriage of passengers and baggage by air, approved by order of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine of November 30, 2012, No. 735, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on December 28, 2012 under No. 2219/22531 ( Further - Rules of air transportation of passengers and luggage).

3. Free baggage allowance are established by the carrier depending on the type of aircraft, class of service and the areas of destination and can not be less than:
for the piece concept - 1 piece of baggage weighing not more than 20 kg (44 ft) with the dimensions (the sum of length, width, height) 158 cm (62 inches).
Free baggage allowance for infant ( under 2 years of age ): one piece of luggage weighing up to 10 kg (22 pounds), the size of which, for a total of three measurements, does not exceed 115 cm (45 in) both for the piece and for the weight concept. For children over the age of two, the rules for carrying luggage installed for adult passengers are in effect.
The passenger has the right to transport, free of charge, over and above the free baggage allowance, items that he keeps with him and not put in his luggage, in particular: a handbag, a folder for papers, a coat or a raincoat, a jacket, an umbrella or a cane, printed books for reading in flight, food for the child needed during the flight, a children's road cradle ( for an infant under 1 year of age ), a lightweight stroller, a folding wheelchair and / or crutches. The total weight of items, with the exception of a wheelchair, should not exceed 5 kg.

4. The name of the carrier in the ticket can be indicated in abbreviated form with the help of codes: МSI or M9 (ICAO & IATA codes assigned). Full name of the carrier - Motor Sich JSC Airlines. Address of the carrier: 54, Felix Movchanovsky street., Zaporizhzhia, 69068, Ukraine.
The agreed stopover points are the points indicated in ticket or indicated in the schedule of the carrier, as points of stopovers on the route of the passenger. The aircarriage carried out in accordance with this contract, successively by several carriers, is considered as a single aircarriage.

5. The carrier which issued a ticket for transportation on the air lines of another carrier acts as the agent.

6. Registered baggage is issued to the bearer of the baggage tag. In case of improper transportation of baggage, an appropriate act is drawn up, on the basis of which the claim is submitted to the carrier in writing. In case of inadequate transportation of checked baggage, the passenger must forward the claim to the carrier immediately after the damage has been detected (loss of a part of the baggage contents) and no later than seven calendar days from the date of receipt of checked baggage. In the case of a delay in the carriage of luggage, the claim must be declared no later than within 21 calendar days from the date when the luggage was handed at the disposal of the passenger.
Claims for loss of luggage are presented to the carrier after the luggage is recognized as lost. Baggage is considered lost if its location is not revealed by the results of the search within 21 calendar days from the date following that in which the baggage was to arrive at the place of destination. In this case, the claim to the carrier must be advanced within two years from the date of arrival of the aircraft to the place of destination, or from the date when the aircraft was due to arrive to the place of destination or from the date when the carriage ceased. Claims are considered in the order established by the carrier. The carrier is obliged to review the claim and notify the applicant of its satisfaction or rejection within three months from the date of receipt, if the carriage in connection with which the claim was made was fully carried out by one carrier. If other carriers have participated in the transportation, the period for consideration of the claim may be extended to six months.
Claims about the carrier's liability for improper transportation of a passenger or baggage must be submitted, at the plaintiff's option, to the court at the place of registration of the carrier, at the location of its head office or at the location of the carrier's office where the contract of carriage was concluded, according to the current legislation from the date his arrival at the place of destination, or from the date when the aircraft was to arrive at the place of destination, or from the date when the transportation stopped.
Claims about the carrier's liability for improper transportation of a passenger may be filed within the time limits established by the legislation in force without first raising a claim to the carrier.

7. A ticket issued at the normal fare is valid for carriage within one year from the date of commencement of carriage if part of the ticket is used, or from the date of issuance, if the ticket was not used.
A ticket issued at a special fare is valid for transportation only up to the date specified in the ticket and on the conditions established by the rules of application of the carrier's tariffs.

8. The time of departure and the type of aircraft indicated in the timetable or other published schedules of the carrier's flights, except for the time of departure indicated on the ticket is not guaranteed and is not a prerequisite of contract of carriage.
The carrier has the right to change the time of departure of the flight, about this the carrier must notify the passenger in time.
The carrier has the right to change the type of aircraft without notifying the passenger about it.
The carrier has the right to detain or cancel the flight both for commercial reasons and for reasons beyond his control.
The carrier must take all necessary measures to avoid delays in the carriage of passengers and baggage.
In case of an emergency (including adverse weather conditions, emergency situations during air traffic control, strikes, civil unrest, embargoes, wars, hostile acts, unresolved international relations, unexpected defects affecting flight safety, or other difficulties that actually threaten or make impossible the safe performance of the flight), the carrier has the right, without notifying the passenger, to cancel or delay the flight or cancel the confirmation booking.
In other cases, the carrier or his agent is obliged to warn the passenger about the delay or cancellation of the flight no later than at 3 hours before the start of check-in.
The carrier is not liable for errors and omissions in timetables and other published schedules of flights of other carriers.

9. None of the agents, employees or representatives of the carrier has the right to change or cancel the provisions of this contract.


The rights of the passenger in case of refusal to transport, cancellation or delay of the flight are regulated by the provisions of Section XIII of the Air Code of Ukraine and Section XVI of the Rules for the Air Transportation of Passengers and Baggage. Information on the application of compensation and assistance, its size can be obtained on the carrier's website or from the representative of the carrier.

The carrier is liable for damage that caused death or personal injury to the passenger, provided that the case that caused the death or damage occurred on board the aircraft or during the boarding or disembarkation of the passenger. The carrier can not exclude or limit its liability for damage that caused the death or bodily harm of a passenger in the amount of 250,000 SDRs for each passenger.
The liability of the carrier for the destruction, loss, damage or delay of the carriage of checked baggage is limited to amount 1131 SDRs.
The carrier is liable for damage caused in the event of destruction, loss or damage to checked baggage, provided that the case that caused the destruction, loss or damage to the baggage took place on board the aircraft or when the carrier was responsible for the safety of the registered baggage luggage, but the carrier is not liable for damage to luggage due to its defect, qualities or deficiencies. Regarding unregistered baggage, including personal belongings of the passenger, the carrier is liable if the damage is caused through his fault or through the fault of his employees or service agents.
The liability of the carrier for damage caused by a delay in the carriage of passengers of any flights is limited to an amount of 4694 SDRs for each passenger.
The carrier is liable for the damage caused by the delay in the air transportation of passengers and baggage, but the carrier is not liable for the damage caused by delay, if it proves that he, his employees and agents have taken all possible measures in order to avoid harm, or could not take such measures.
The liability of the carrier for improper transportation is in any case limited to real losses, proven by passengers.
If the carrier proves that the harm was caused or caused by negligence, wrongful act or omission of the person demanding compensation, or the person from whom his rights occur, the carrier is fully or partially exempted from liability to the person who requires compensation in the amount in which so negligence, wrongful action or inaction caused harm or contributed to its emergence.
If the claim for compensation for death or personal injury suffered to passenger is claimed by a person other than a passenger, the carrier is also fully or partially exempted from liability to the extent that he proves that negligence, other improper act or omission of that passenger has caused harm or contributed to its occurrence.

As checked baggage, baggage items weighing not more than 20 kg can be carried. The weight of one place of checked baggage can not exceed 20 kg. The sum of three dimensions of a one piece of baggage (length, width, height) should not exceed 158 cm. By previously approval of the carrier for transportation, baggage with large dimensions and weight may be accepted. Baggage that does not meet the specified requirements must be transported as a cargo.
Free baggage allowance do not apply to:
● things of passengers, regardless of their name, the dimensions of which do not correspond to the sizes indicated above;
● passenger's things that are not packed in suitcases, bags, boxes, regardless of their name and destination, weighing one seat over 20 kg;
● TV sets, tape recorders, radios weighing one place over 10 kg;
● flowers, plant seedlings, food greens, dried plants, branches of trees and shrubs with a total weight of more than 5 kg;
● correspondence, which is accompanied by courier-tellers;
● animals (domestic or wild), birds, bees and other animals, except for the guide dog, accompanying the blind.

Things that should not be included in baggage:
● goods, objects, liquids and other substances capable of creating a significant risk to the health of passengers, flight safety or property of the carrier or other passengers during transport, in particular explosive, compressed gases, materials that cause corrosion, oxidants, radioactive materials, magnets, flammable materials, poisonous, harmful or irritating substances, as well as any other items and substances as defined in the "Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air", ICAO, Doc 9284-AN / 905, as prohibited for carriage on passenger aircraft;
● fragile or perishable things, money, keys, jewelry, electronic equipment, photo and video equipment, products made of precious metals and silver, technical documentation, business documents, valuables, medicines, medical records, passports and other identification documents and samples;
● goods and items the carriage of which is prohibited by the laws in force in countries of origin, destination or stopover;
● goods not suitable for carriage by their nature, weight, size, shape or odor;
● live animals and birds, except for cases stipulated by the Rules of air transportation of passengers and baggage.
Things that can be accepted for transportation as checked baggage or as cargo with the prior consent of the carrier: firearms, ammunition, including antique firearms and steel arms, sharp and cutting objects.
The passenger has the right to include in his checked baggage his household items, alcoholic beverages, non-radioactive medical supplies and things for toilet and essentials, including containers with medical aerosols and other things and substances that are allowed for transportation in limited quantities in accordance "Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air "(ICAO, Doc 9284-AN / 905) and in the amount authorized by the relevant control authorities.
The carrier has the right to refuse to accept passenger's things as checked baggage if these things not packaged in suitcases with locks or in other appropriate containers providing safe transportation of baggage and its handling using conventional cargo handling facilities.
For any baggage that exceeds the established norms of free baggage allowance, payment is made at the appropriate baggage tariffs.

As hand baggage, items weighing not more than 5 kg (11 ft) and dimensions (the sum of length, width, height) of 158 cm (62 in.) Are accepted, which allow them to be safely placed in the cabin of the aircraft on the luggage shelves or under the seat of the chair. It is forbidden to place of hand luggage and goods authorized for transportation in aisle of aircraft passenger cabin.

Please note:
Hand luggage should not contain sharp and cutting objects: knives, scissors, needles, spokes. It is also forbidden to carry any liquids, suspensions, creams, pastes with a capacity of more than 100 ml (grams) in one bottle (tube) into the hand luggage on board the aircraft. The total amount of these substances in hand luggage, packed in containers of up to 100 ml (grams), should not exceed 1 liter (kg) per passenger.

Address for referrals and claims:
- Motor Sich Airlines, 54, Felix Movchanovsky street, Zaporizhzhia, 69068, Ukraine.