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Passenger assistance

The possibility of use of air transport is determined based on the health of the passenger. Before the flight you should consult your doctor about the possibility and advisability of flight and consider his recommendations.
Motor Sich Airlines is not responsible for deterioration of health or death of passenger during boarding, flight or upon completion of air transportation within the airport due to the passenger’s age, physiological or physical condition.
Passengers whose physical condition causes concern of the Carrier (seriously ill, patients on stretchers and others) are allowed to air transportation in the case of presentation of the relevant reference from a health institution that there are no contradictions against his air transportation, and in some cases that his disease does not threaten others. 
Passengers in wheelchairs
Transportation of passengers in wheelchairs may only be carried out by previous agreement with the Airlines. Therefore, it is only possible to book and issue tickets for this category of passengers at the offices of Motor Sich Airlines or its authorised agents (booking and purchase of tickets for special categories of passengers on the website of the airline and check-in online of special categories of passenger are prohibited). In this case, a request for transportation of passengers with reduced mobility must be sent to the Carrier not less than 48 hours before the flight.
Flight of passenger of this category is only possible with accompanying persons who will take care of a disabled person during the flight, or under the supervision of the airline-carrier (a passenger must issue a relevant written statement).
Medications, folding chair (wheelchair), crutches are transported free of charge and are not included in free baggage allowance. A wheelchair is transported in the baggage compartment. After landing a wheelchair is returned immediately after getting off the plane or in the baggage claim area – in this case a passenger with reduced mobility will be delivered to baggage claim area on a wheelchair provided by the airport. Airports of departure/arrival/transfer are informed of special services for passengers by the airline-carrier.