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Documents & visas

Documents and visas
Attention!Documents of passengers (passport or other identity document), according to which the flight will take place, will be valid for the entire trip and included into reservation by passenger when  buying a ticket on the website of the airline or its authorised agent or when purchasing the ticket at the sales office.
When planning a trip abroad we recommend having a valid visa (visas) at the time of payment for a ticket, if it is necessary to enter the country of destination and/or transit. Remember that some special fares do not provide refund in the event of denial of transportation, including due to absence of (failure to obtain) visa (visas).
Please make sure that you obtained visa in advance and have it at the time you check in.
Documents that must be presented during check-in:
•          valid passport or identity document in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations of the airline (for children – birth certificate/passport/child’s travel document);
Attention!Deadline for sticking photo in passport of the citizen of Ukraine after he has attained the corresponding age does not entitle to cross the border with the document without the inserted photo.
•          documents certifying any special conditions of transportation (if necessary) of a passenger and his baggage;
•          for international flight – document with valid visa (visas), for children – foreign passport/child’s travel document with visa, necessary powers of attorney and other documents (see information of sections Travelling with children and Unaccompanied minors);
•          ticket, unless it is electronic;
•          receipt of payment of excess baggage (if any);
•          permits, references, certificates and other documents required for travel in accordance with the requirements of the carrier, law of the country of origin, transit and destination.
Itinerary receipt is not an obligatory document for flight. Nevertheless, we recommend that you print it and take it with you on your trip:
•          itinerary is the basic information about the flight, which is necessary including for self-check-in for a flight in check-in kiosks;
•          staff of the Aviation Security Service of the airport can ask you to present an itinerary receipt;
•          if you are travelling abroad, an itinerary receipt may be needed during passport control as a proof that you have a return ticket or follow the route.
A passenger is responsible for obtaining all documents necessary for travel and for complying with all applicable laws regarding exit, entry and transit of countries of departure, arrival and transit.
The carrier is not liable to the passenger for the consequences of failure to receive such documents or visas or failed to comply with the law.
The carrier is entitled to deny transportation to any passenger, whose documents are not executed properly.
Denial of entrance to a country
Motor Sich Airlines JSC is not liable for the denial of any passenger’s entrance to a country.
Upon request of the carrier or government authorities, a passenger must pay the appropriate cost for return flight, if it is required from him to return to the departure point or any other place due to denial of country of destination to accept such a passenger, regardless of whether the country is a country of destination or transit country.
For payment of such flight the carrier may use funds from those paid earlier by the passenger to the carrier, which are at the carrier’s disposal for unused flight, or any other funds of the passenger which are at the carrier’s disposal.
The Airline is entitled to return the amounts paid by the passenger for the carried out transportation to the place where the passenger was denied entry or place of deportation.
Passenger’s liability
If the carrier is required to pay or deposit any amount, pay fine or provide financial guarantee due to the failure of the passenger to comply with applicable legislation or failure to submit the documents required for the trip or presentation of false documents or documents containing false information, at the request of the carrier the passenger must reimburse paid or deposited amount and other related expenses of the carrier.
To cover such expenses Motor Sich Airlines JSC is entitled to use any funds previously paid by the passenger to the carrier, which are the at the disposal of the carrier for unused transportation, or any other funds of passenger which are the disposal of the carrier, or may deny transportation if the passenger failed to reimburse such expenses to the carrier.
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