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Pregnant women

Pregnant women are passengers of special category. Taking into account that flight can affect the well-being of a pregnant woman and health of a baby, before buying a ticket, you should consult your doctor about possible contraindications against flights and consider his recommendations for the trip.
Pregnant women may be accepted for transportation if the term of pregnancy is up 35 weeks and in the case of multiple pregnancy – up to 32 weeks.
At the airport during check-in (this category of passengers may not check in online on the website of the airline) you will need to fill out declaration of the state of health, and to provide the conclusion of medical institution about absence of contractions for air transportation on the departure date (if conclusion does not contain the date of departure, it shall be valid for flights within 7 days from the date of issuance), so please arrive at the airport well in advance to go through all the formalities without hurry.