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Health & wellbeing

Crew of the aircraft is doing its best to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere on board. However, conditions of air transportation are objectively such that the passengers during flight feel unwell. Thus, the lack of humidity in the cabin can cause dryness of the skin and mucous membranes; differences of atmospheric pressure at altitude changes – pain and stuffiness in the ears; overload occurring during acceleration – dizziness, nausea, heaviness in the stomach. Already unfavourable conditions for blood vessels are exacerbated by the forced prolonged immobility, because a person sometimes spends in the chair several hours.
To minimize the negative impact of these and other factors, follow the doctors’ recommendations:
•          have a good rest before the flight;
•          wear loose-fitting clothing made of natural fabrics for flight, shoes should be comfortable and easy;
•          if you wear contact lenses, replace them by glasses during flight;
•          limit use of make-up;
•          moisten skin and mucous membranes: use a moisturizer for the face and eyelids, lip balm, nasal spray, eye drops such as “artificial tears”;
•          2-3 hours before the flight take 75-100 mg of aspirin (1/6-1/5 part of ordinary pill) – this medicine prevents formation of blood clots;
•          if you take medicines regularly, take them with you to the plane;
•          if you have a weak vestibular system and suffer from seasickness – you get motion sickness, have dizziness, weakness, choose a seat close to the wing. Do not read or look out the window, it is better to close your eyes or look at a fixed point. Do not drink alcohol at least 24 hours before the flight. Before take-off, take one of medicines for sickness – Aviamarin, Aeron, Bonin or Kinedril;
during the flight:
•          drink water and juice;
•          avoid alcohol and limit consumption of coffee, tea and caffeinated drinks – they have a dehydrating effect;
•          do not sit in one position for a long time; do not sit cross-legged;
•          from time to time do basic exercises: turn feet firstly to one and then to other side, pull toes; have a good stretch, and to stretch stiff hands, clench fists and hold them clenched for a moment, relax;
•          to moisturize your skin periodically use spray with mineral water.