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Rules of conduct on board

In order to ensure safety of flight, avoid factors that threaten life, health and personal dignity of passengers and crew, as well as factors that reduce the level of comfort of the passengers on board the aircraft, Motor Sich Airlines JSC requires from passengers to comply with the following rules:
While on board the aircraft, a passenger is entitled to:
•          require rendering of services under the terms of Air Transportation Agreement;
•          require protection by the crew of the airline, if his life, health and personal dignity are threatened.
A passenger is obliged to:
•          comply with the requirements of the aircraft commander, guidance and recommendations of other members of the crew;
•          observe public order.
A passenger may not:
•          create situations that threaten life, health and dignity of passengers and crew of the airline;
•          permit any offences, both verbal and physical in respect of passengers and crew of the airline;
•          drink alcoholic beverages, brought by him on board the aircraft, including those bought in duty free shops, on board the aircraft;
•          smoke on board the aircraft during the flight, including electronic cigarettes;
•          use without the need and relevant instructions of crew of the airline onboard emergency equipment;
•          use any electronic devices, including audio/video players and mobile phones during taxi, takeoff and landing of the aircraft;
•          create conditions impeding the work of crew of the airline and causing discomfort to other passengers;
•          waste property to the airline; carry safety and other equipment out of the aircraft.
International Air Law, legislation of states that ratified the Convention on Offences and Certain Other Acts Committed on Board Aircraft provide for the right of crew to the use the following sanctions against a passenger:
•          termination of serving alcoholic beverages to the passengers intoxicated by alcohol, narcotics or any other substance;
•          taking away alcoholic beverages belonging to passenger with subsequent return in the airport of destination, including those bought in duty free shops of the plane;
•          application of enforcement measures to the person who refuses to obey the orders of the commander of the aircraft, guidance and recommendations of crew of the airline;
•          removal of the offending passengers from the aircraft at the nearest point of landing, and in case of emergency landing of the airplane – reimbursement by  passenger of additional costs incurred by the airline as a result of his inappropriate behaviour;
•          transfer of such passenger to law enforcement agencies, regardless of the state of landing;
•          compensation of material damage by the passenger, caused by him to the airline due to waste of property belonging to it;
•          imposition of fine, administrative detention, in some countries imprisonment of up to two years;
•          maximum public disclosure of incident in mass media and on special websites.
Fraudulent message, including which is intended to be a joke, about presence of weapons, explosives and dangerous substances in the airport, onboard the aircraft in cabin or baggage of passengers is classified as a crime under Article 259 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and is punishable by a fine from five hundred to a thousand untaxed minimum incomes, or arrest for a term up to six months, or restraint of liberty for up to five years.
The airline assists law enforcement agencies in bringing offenders of order to justice and imposing appropriate sanctions against them.